Free Shipping In Honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day

black cat looking in mirror

God, I'm Cute

God, I’m cute!

That’s my Jelly Bean demonstrating his most absolute cuteness in the mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the sink

I’m the handsomest kitty, I think!

Perhaps instead he’s practicing his most seductive expression in the mirror.

Jelly Bean is about as cute as cute can be and he knows how to use it. Moreso than any of the other Big Four, Jelly Bean was always the cutest, it’s just part of his nature, and now that he’s maturing he’s also developing those feline-seductive “bedroom eyes”, the squinty, blinky look that makes them impossible to resist.

He loves the bathroom sink, and before I finished my bathroom remodel he spent time each day admiring himself in the little hand mirror. I carry a small digital camera, and sometimes the big one, around the house because I never know when a shot like this will come up. Catching the angle just right, with the light coming in the window—and not seeing either me or construction materials in the mirror—made it a rare opportunity.

I felt the need to share this photo and to do it in a way that others who love black cats could do as well.

framed print of black cat looking in mirror

Framed print of God, I'm Cute


It’s available as a 5″ x 7″ photo in an 8″ x 10″ frame, and as an 8″ x 10″ in an 11″ x 14″ frame.

All photos are luster finish and the frames are a matte-finish black frame with a double linen-finish mats, white with black liner.

They are easiest to order from my Etsy shop, or you can e-mail me with your request especially if you want to order a print only to frame yourself (on Esty, I need to list each size individually and it makes it easier if you simply request the size you want).

black cat looking in mirror

God, I'm Cute


Now who do you know who would get a kick out of a kitty admiring himself? A “thinking of you”? A “thanks”? Even sympathy on the loss of a kitty? The 5″ x 7″ cards are blank inside so you can add you own message.

You can now purchase this card by the dozen or half dozen in my Etsy Shop.


And don’t forget, while they are blank inside, you can customize the inside with your own message for an extra $2.50 per dozen in black or $4.00 per dozen in full color with a minimum order of four dozen; in fact, you can do this with any 5″ x 7″ card on my website. The customization can include a greeting, your name or your company logo. Minimum order for customization is four dozen per design. Details are listed with each card in my Marketplace or convo on Etsy.

god i'm cute tote bag

God, I'm Cute


Yes, just one left of this guy from the bags I printed last year. I had purchased natural-colored bags and dyed half of them black for the photos of my black cats. The bags were a little small, 13″W x 14″H x 2″D, but sturdy 6-oz. cotton canvas with 12″ handles can be used to carry or loop over your shoulder.

I have new and different bags in mind to display my artwork, so what’s left of the initial run of bags is reduced to $5.00 per bag. Please visit my Etsy shop to see this bag and others.


My homage to all the black kitties I’ve loved, including the Big Four! A soft solid black pawprint, ready for shower, decoration, or gift.

And solid black works for many other animals too.

This paw is also part of a set including a black paw with white toes and a white paw with black toes in honor of Mister Mistoffelees and all the other jellicle cats in the world.

And although they are soft and absorbent, and I crocheted them so they’d dry quickly in your bathroom, you don’t have to use them as washcloths. I tried them out as dishcloths in the kitchen, hotpads on the table for small casseroles or even a small mat or coaster for a plate or mug. Heck, they even make cute doilies on a tabletop!

I’ve been working with a pawprint motif for a couple of years now, working out the pattern myself. The scarves, hats and neck wraps are a little time-consuming, but I’ve been wanting to offer something simple in this pawprint pattern.

Viola! a simple washcloth! I’ve worked out several color schemes right now, solids and pink toes, some are real cat or dog fur colors, others are not at all.

Each cloth is 7″ in diameter side to side, 9″ top to bottom, and is made of yarn-dyed cotton.


Today only,

August 17, 2011, FREE SHIPPING, on these black cat-inspired items in Portraits of Animals on Etsy!


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