Our Golden Gate, an Entrance to Pittsburgh

Entering Pittsburgh is lovely from any angle, especially at dusk when the buildings, bridges, rivers and sky hold so many colors. From almost any approach to Pittsburgh the city often seems to spring up out of nowhere, like magic, and I wanted to capture a bit of that magical feel in a photo of this entrance to the city, bridge, river and all.

This is the Fort Pitt Bridge catching the sunlight as the buildings are caught in shadow on a summer afternoon. I enhanced all the colors applied several different filters in PhotoShop until I had that magic combination of colors and patterns I desired.

I created this work for an exhibit I had in 2006 entitled 100 West Busway, featuring 125 thumbnail photos of Pittsburgh taken through the bus window on the round-trip journey from Carnegie and back on the 100 West Busway route, running from the south hills into downtown Pittsburgh, through the east end and Oakland and all the colleges and research centers, back into downtown and back to the suburbs.

From the 125 thumbnails I created a dozen works, each in a different medium, all framed with black wood frames and white mats. This is one of those pieces, and is actually one of the originals from the show. I’ll be posting others, both originals and prints in the next month or so.

This 14″ x 10″ luster-finish photo is framed in a 14″ x 18″ narrow-profile matte-finish black frame with a 2″ white mat, ready for hanging, available in my shop on Etsy in my gallery for Pittsburgh Art and Photos


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