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Woven Cotton Blankets, Cats, Dogs, Wolves and Nature

For those who’ve been visiting this post, these blankets are on clearance! See “Clearance on Woven Cotton Blankets”.

These blankets have been pretty popular this fall, and I’m down to just a few left. I’m not sure an order to have more made could be done in time to ship for the holidays, so this is it!

I found a company that converts my artwork to a tapestry-style weaving, not an imprint, and the blankets are made in the USA of 100% USA-grown cotton. All blankets are fringed with black and white fringe on the sides and multi-color fringe on the top and bottom. They are so soft and comfortable that I’ve been using some of my samples.

These blankets are 36″ x 50″, large enough to cover you on the couch. They come with a zippered bag for storage.$50.00 each, plus shipping, available in my Marketplace.

Dusk in the Woods: 7 blankets left

Dusk in the Woods woven blanket

Dusk in the Woods, woven blanket

The Goddess: ONLY 1 LEFT!

The Goddess, woven blanket

The Goddess, woven blanket


Cassie and Tyler, woven blanket

Cassie and Tyler, woven blanket

Wolf Howl: SOLD OUT! I’ll be ordering more, though, so if you are interested, please send an e-mail.

Wolf Howl, woven blanket

Wolf Howl, woven blanket


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