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Girly Pink and Purple Pawprints!

Pink and purple pawprint set

Girly Pink and Purple Pawprint Set

I was so inspired by the little Dora the Explorer couch—formerly my great niece’s but now a perfect kitty bed—that I decided to adopt the colors from it for another set of crocheted pawprint washcloths.

three on dora bed

Three big cats on the Dora Couch.

Besides that, I LOVED pink and purple when I was growing up. My bedroom had bright pink walls and a hot pink shag carpet, I made myself a hot pink Dazzleaire afghan with as much of any shade of bright pink, lilac and purple as I could fit in there. I can relate to these girls and their pink and purple!

Light pink, bright pink and violet purple! I designed this set of pawprints for my great-nieces and all the other little girls who love PINK and PURPLE as much as I do (and always did). Let’s hear it for Girl Power!

So this set is for the little girl in your life, or maybe the little girl in your heart!

You can find this set in my Etsy shop.

You can also browse other colors of pawprints and other crocheted washcloths in my Crocheted Washcloth Collection on Etsy. I’m working on new color schemes for the pawprints every day!

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