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Commissioned Pet Portraits

The Johnson family of pets

The Johnson family, all the animals they every lived with.

Is there an animal lover on your list who has every cat or dog-themed t-shirt and handbag, and even their pets have every toy they can use for the rest of their natural lives? Consider a gift certificate for a commissioned portrait. Whether it’s for someone else or yourself, a custom portrait is different from a professional photograph because we can create the scene that you remember even if you never had the chance to photograph it. Your household of animal companions can be grouped in a natural setting even if their lives didn’t overlap.

Cassie and Tyler

Cassie and Tyler, rescue dogs

It’s a little too late to begin and finish a commissioned portrait at this point in December, and designing the content and composition of a portrait is a very personal process, which is why a gift certificate is ideal as a gift. They are good for up to a year, and the basic cost is $125.00, which covers the cost for the smallest portrait I do at 9″ x 12″ of one subject. If the recipient would want more than that, either you or they can pay the balance when we design the portrait.

Nick's portrait


Read more about my commissioned portraits on my website at Portrait Demonstration, and see some finished portraits at Commissioned Cats and Commissioned Dogs.

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