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Two Favorite Photos on Greeting Cards and More

photo of cat behind lace curtain with forget-me-nots

Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

It’s been hard to narrow this category down to a set of designs, but here are two that are constant favorites! These cards are 5″ x 7″, printed on 12 or 14 pt. card stock and include a matching envelope. Cards are blank inside but can be customized with your message.

Above, Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things for me. Sophie was always in one of the windows when I left and when I returned, and she always managed to use the curtains to dramatic advantage. This is one of my fondest memories of her, nestled in the creamy lace with the spring-blooming forget-me-nots in the windowbox.

black cat looking in mirror

God, I'm Cute

Jelly Bean is about as cute as cute can be and he knows how to use it. He loves the bathroom sink, and also spends time each day admiring himself. I honestly do carry a small digital, and sometimes the big one, around the house because I never know when a shot like this will come up. He still does this now and then, but catching the angle just right, with the light coming in the window—and not seeing me in the mirror—make it a rare opportunity.

You can purchase each of these cards individually or by the dozen in Notecards>Cats in my Portraits of Animals Online Marketplace. Cards are $1.50 each, or get a discount when you buy a dozen for $12.00. They also assort with other 5″ x 7″ cards to make up your dozen.


And don’t forget, while they are blank inside, you can customize the inside with your own message for an extra $2.50 per dozen; in fact, you can do this with any 5″ x 7″ card on my website. The customization can include a greeting, your name or your company logo. Minimum order for customization is four dozen.


I also offer these images as framed prints and printed on tote bags. You can find these in my shop on Etsy.

framed print of cat looking through lace curtain

Framed print, Sophie ...

framed print of black cat looking in mirror

Framed print of God, I'm Cute

cat behind curtan

"Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things"

black cat looking in mirror

"God, I'm Cute."

Everything here can also be found at my shop in Carnegie, in Carnegie Antiques at 423 West Main Street.

You can be sure I’ll be adding to this section regularly! In fact, you can help me decide which photos to use as cards by browsing my Photography Gallery under Animals>Cats, or browsing The Creative Cat for images and telling me which ones you would use as a greeting card. You’ll even find a gallery of “bathroom kitties” in my photo gallery, featuring those black cats and the wonderful mint green fixtures.

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