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Favorite Felines in Black and White

black and white photo of cat curled on deck with shadows

Stripes on Stripe, photo © B.E. Kazmarski

One of the ways I cherish my cats while they are alive, and remember them when they’re no longer with me, is to celebrate their image in art and photographs. This is especially true of the cats who lived with me long ago, before I was actively creating every day and still searching for my creative voice. These are the ones who led me to the level of visualization where everything becomes art but I can focus on what inspires me most, which is usually that which I love best.

But the best are when they are enjoying the sunshine, inside, outside, any way, my cats in the sun will always be an inspiration; three of my black and white favorites, shot with black and white film years before digital cameras, are Stripes on Stripe, Late in the Year, and Sally Silhouette.


fraed black and white photo of a cat

Stripes on Stripes, matted and framed

Above is an image of Stanley in his last years, one of the mornings I love to return to. We always visited the back yard in the morning, me checking flowers and vegetables and Stanley letting the world know that the yard and everything in it belonged to him the that way that cats do best. Afterward he loved to nap on the deck in the morning sun in warm weather.

Stanley always had a way of arranging himself in interesting compositions, such as this one. One of my nicknames for him was “Stripe” as he was a black tabby with big swirls of striping on his sides and racing stripes on his face, hence the title of the photo with the shadow and light of the decking boards, the shadows from the deck railing, and the stripes on Stanley, all layered on each other.

I haven’t recorded Stanley’s full story yet, in part because he lived so long, about 25 years, but I’m going to take the time soon to do that.

I offer this as a framed photographic print at 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″, available in my shop on Etsy under “Favorite Photographs”.


black and white photo of gray cat sleeping

Late in the Year, black and white photo © B.E. Kazmarski

“Portrait of a senior kitty”…this is a favorite of my black and white photos. The reason it’s a portrait of a senior kitty…her flattened nose, slightly sunken eyes, curled ear tips, just the general softening of her features, so appropriate for a quiet, gentle, soft gray kitty in the autumn of her life.

framed photo of a cat in the sun

Late in the Year, matted and framed

Moses had been a feral kitty and against many odds lived to be 19. Aside from a strict adherence to twice-daily mealtimes, her one and only absolute necessity was a sunbath, preferrably al fresco, every day to help soothe the arthritis that had built up in her somewhat underdeveloped hind legs.

I took this photo during her last autumn on our deck, on one surprisingly warm late November afternoon, late in her life, late in our long loving relationship, late in the year.

Read more about Moses on The Creative Cat.

I offer this as a framed photographic print at 5″ x 7″ and 8″ x 10″, available in my shop on Etsy under “Favorite Photographs”.


silhouette of white cat

Sally Silhouette

Sally is in reverse silhouette in this black and white print, the light filling her white fur from behind, leaving her face in delicate shadow.

A Turkish Angora, Sally had the look of a kitten all her life, and her silky white fur was an inspiration for many a photo and painting.

white cat

Sally Silhouette

When I purchased my first camera, a Pentax K-1000, I shot only black and white film for the first few months until I felt I had some understanding of the manual controls. This was a shot from that time two decades before I knew I’d be making part of my living selling my paintings and photos of my cats. And unlike the other two, Sally is only a little over one year old here, just a baby.

Read more about Sally on The Creative Cat.

This 3″ x 3″ print is framed in a 9″ x 9″ black frame with a 1-1/2″ black bottom mat and a 1-1/2″ white top mat.

I have other unmatted and unframed prints of this photo as well.

You can find this photo in my Etsy shop.


You can see other photos as well in the Favorite Photos section of my Etsy shop.

I offer this as a framed photographic print, available in my shop on Etsy under “Favorite Photographs”.


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