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Holiday Events and Gift Ideas from Portraits of Animals

photo of holiday lights with snow

Holiday Lights.

It’s my holiday e-newsletter including events for the month of December plus gift ideas for the animal and nature lovers on your list! Click here to find it on the internet.

It’s short notice, but I have an event Sunday, December 5 at a really neat place. I’ll be at the Enoch Wright House in Venetia 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. for the Peters Creek Historical Society’s annual “Candlelight Soup and Stroll”. We vendors will be on the second floor.

The historic 1816 house will be trimmed in Williamsburg-style decorations and visitors can browse the exhibits such as the Colonial Kitchen, Museum of Pre-history, which features artifacts as old as 10,000 years, and the Museum of Mining including photos, stories and maps from the region’s biggest industry. You can read an article about the place and the event in the Washington Observer-Reporter.

Enjoy! Perhaps I’ll see you at one of my events this holiday season.


Pre-Thanksgiving Open House at Portraits of Animals and Carnegie Antiques

framed photo of a cat looking in a mirror

Mirror, Mirror © B.E. Kazmarski

I’ve been framing and packing and wrapping and tagging items for our holiday shopping sales at Portraits of Animals and Carnegie Antiques!

Join us Saturday, November 20 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for an Open House. Cookie will be with me for at least part of the day too!

crocheted pawprint washcloth

Pistachio Pawprint

I’m offering 10% off your entire order of items from my Portraits of Animals shop including greeting cards, crocheted pawprints, tee-shirts, tote bags, unframed prints and anything else you can find in my shop.

image of framed artwork

I Like Your Spots

As a bonus, I’m offering 25% off  framed artwork! I’ve been I’ve been busily preparing several dozen small framed prints of my feline, wildlife and nature art as well as photographs, including views of Pittsburgh. I’ve brought in several larger originals as well, so if you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to get it!

You can see a good bit of what’s in my shop in my Etsy shop.

In addition, Judi has been packing her shop with so much new merchandise I can hardly keep track of it all! There’s new furniture large and small, sets of dishes, hand-painted china, novelties, jewelry and more. Make sure you take time to visit Carnegie Antiques too!

cat in shop window

I'm not an antique!

Join us:

  • Saturday, November 20
  • 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • 423 West Main Street
  • Carnegie, PA 15106

Cookie will be waiting!

Clearance on Current Tote Bags!

black cat in the sink

"This is my sink. Go brush your teeth in the kitchen."

At “Art What You Got”, the Polish Hill Arts Festival I attended last weekend, I totally enjoyed watching people stroll by my table, stop to read the tote bags and break out in hearty laughs. Clever Mr. Sunshine, with caption-writing help from author Allia Zobel Nolan, got the most laughs of all the bags with comments like, “That’s my cat!” “That’s just what he does!”

cat behind curtan

"Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things"

I sold several bags, and now I’m ready to move on to the “real” bags.

What? These were just “pigments” of my imagination? (Sorry, artist joke, poor one at that.)

No, they were just to stop myself from wallowing in indecision at choosing a bag and just getting the designs out there. After all, you can get tote bags anywhere, often for free, so the bag itself isn’t the important part in all this, it’s the design. And the designs were a hit, but the bags were just a little too small. They were a good deal, a clearance item at JoAnn Fabrics I found hard to pass up for the sake of experimentation.

black cats in tub

"Everybody in the Pool"

This was after the first experiment with the eco-cotton bags that were bigger, but were simply unbleached cotton muslin, the sort of thing I’d destroy in about a week. I didn’t want my art on those because I want my kitties to be out there for as long possible.

after dinner nap painting

"After Dinner Nap"

This time, I had purchased all natural-colored bags and dyed half of them black. Then I dyed them again. And again. And finally, they were finally black enough. That was a lot of dye and a lot of time and I truly tired of rinsing out my washer with bleach.

black cat looking in mirror

"God, I'm Cute."

But it bought me enough time to introduce the designs, to see if tote bags generally were popular, to research available totes and to learn the differences among all the myriad iron-on possibilities.

So now, what’s left of the initial run of bags is on clearance, nine designs, reduced from $15.00 per bag to $10.00 per bag. Not all of them are pictured here—please visit my Etsy shop to see which ones!

See You at the Polish Hill Arts Festival, July 18!

the goddess t-shirt

"The Goddess" will be well represented on my table!

I don’t think there is one level spot anywhere in Polish Hill, but last year I managed to balance everything so that nothing slid off my table in this wonderful little one-day festival.

Still, that means I carry a lot of “soft” things, like crocheted washcloths, tote bags and greeting cards! Nearly everyone who visits has a cat or dog, and many dogs visit the festival with their people.

That obviously means I’ll have a lot of my animal-inspired merchandise! I love to show it off to an animal-loving population.

Join us July 18 from noon to 8 p.m. for a variety of vendors, local music all day long both ethnic and alternative (including a drum corps that will vibrate your very bones), lots of food made in the church basement and hopefully as nice a day as we had last year.

Read more about the festival in this flyer, and read more about Polish Hill, one of Pittsburgh’s traditional neighborhoods, on their website.

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