“In the Kitchen With Cookie” 2013 Desk or Wall Calendar With Select Recipes

image of cat calendars
Desk and journal calendars for 2013, “In the Kitchen with Cookie” and “Compositions in Green and Black”

Love black cats? Need a little more tortie in your life? I still have calendars available for 2013, one featuring Cookie and one featuring the Fantastic Five. I designed them using photos you’ve seen here in a compact size that won’t take up too much space on your wall or your desk. Read more about “In the Kitchen with Cookie” or click here to read about “Compositions in Black and Green”.

In the Kitchen with Cookie 2013 Calendar

images of cat calendars
In the Kitchen With Cookie, journal and wall style.

If you’ve followed my daily photos on The Creative Cat you may be familiar with my photos of Cookie interacting with properly-warmed pasta bowls, enamel pots and glass salad bowls in the series called “In the Kitchen With Cookie”. I was lucky enough to catch her in the act through the years photographing a dozen amusing images of Cookie exploring alternate uses for these items.

A number of readers requested a calendar which sounds like a wonderful idea to me, especially as a tribute to a part of Cookie’s unforgettable curiosity that still makes me laugh. The calendar is a 5.5″ x 8.5″ spiral-bound calendar printed on 100# matte-finish text paper so it’s easy to write on but the art still looks bright and crisp.

Each month includes one main photo of Cookie caught in the act which was either taken during that particular month or is themed for that month food-wise, plus a bit of the text from the original post on The Creative Cat—and Kelly even makes an appearance with Cookie in two of the photos! I’ve also included a simple recipe of my own that corresponds.

On the right a monthly calendar includes basic holidays, moon phases and room for notes at the bottom, and other photos of Cookie from the same and related explorations decorate open areas on the calendar page.

The recipes celebrate winter days in my kitchen and the seasons of my garden, long enjoyed with Cookie’s supervision, including my special “Cheesecake”, “Healthy Multi-fruit Crisp”, “Easy Lemon Vinaigrette” and my best advice for cooking fresh sweet corn.

Below is a list of photos and recipes included in this calendar:

photo of cat with apples
“How Do You Like Them Apples?” calendar back cover

COVER: Cookie in the Pasta Bowl

TITLE PAGE: Do You Really Need All These Cookbooks?

JANUARY: Cookie…Cake?, Just the Right Size, A Luxury Bath
RECIPE: Basic Pound Cake

FEBRUARY: Cookie’s Ready to Start Baking, Warm Kitchen on a Winter Day, We’re All Waiting
RECIPE: Healthy Multi-fruit Apple Crisp

MARCH: And a Bag of Rotini for a Bed, Finally a Nap, Step Right Up
RECIPE: Quick Pasta Salad

APRIL: So Much for the Apple Crisp, Just Right for a Bath
RECIPE: Crabapple Crisp

MAY: Cookie Dough in the Salad Bowl, Can I Just Have a Nap, The Scene as I Found It
RECIPE: Simple Lemon Vinaigrette

JUNE: Sweet Dreams, and a…Tomato for Your Pillow, To-o-o-tally Relaxed, Stacked Tomatoes
RECIPE: Individual Tomato Tarts

JULY: Cookie Picks Her Own Sweet Corn, A Little Fiber in Your Diet, I’ll Shuck My Own Thanks
RECIPE: Advice on Sweet Corn

AUGUST: Cookie in the Pasta Bowl, A Warm Pasta Bowl is a Perfect Cat Bed
RECIPE: Fresh Tomatoes on Cooked Pasta

SEPTEMBER: A Cookie in Every Pot, View From the Pot, A Bath in the Pot
RECIPE: All-day Vegetable Soup

OCTOBER: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Girl Talk, A Little Coffee
RECIPE:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Advice

NOVEMBER: Two Naughty Torties: Cheesecake, Cookie Gets to Lick the Beaters
RECIPE: Basic New York Cheesecake

DECEMBER: Kitties N Cream, My Inspirations
RECIPE: Waffles with Whipped Cream and Fresh Berries

BACK COVER: How Do You Like Them Apples?

images of calendars with cat
In the Kitchen With Cookie, journal and wall style open to spreads.

The convenient size is coil-bound either across the top so that it hangs like a wall calendar, or down the left so that it opens like a journal. I have both variations available for sale, so be sure to choose Wall Calendar or Journal Style when you purchase.

As a complement to the calendar, I am also designing from the images in this calendar a number of products such as placemats, decorative trays and wood-mounted artwork, and any image can be ordered as a print. I’ll offer these through 2013. Sign up for my e-newsletter on The Creative Cat to be sure you don’t miss any special offers.

Visit my Calendars page on The Creative Cat to “flip through the pages” in a convenient slideshow and purchase directly from me, from my Etsy shop or from Amazon.com. And even though the giveaways are over, read reviews of this calendar on The Conscious Cat and Cat Wisdom 101.

All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in using one in a print or internet publication. If you are interested in purchasing a print of this image or a product including this image, check my Etsy shop or Fine Art America profile to see if I have it available already. If you don’t find it there, visit Ordering Custom Artwork for more information on a custom greeting card, print or other item.


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