January Jeraniums!

oil pastel painting of pink geraniums in vase

January Jeraniums 1, oil pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

They are at it again! Every autumn I move my geraniums into the corner of my basement but also keep a few around the upstairs near sunny windows. After resting for a month or two, perhaps responding to the lengthening days, they always bloom in mid-January and February and their variety of pinks is always welcome at a time of year when flowers are in short supply. Winter, so far, has not been terribly cold but has been dark with more rain than snow, and I think it’s actually all the reflected light from snow that helps them to bloom as well, so this year’s blooms are nothing like the ones that inspired these paintings.

These are small original pastel paintings, one oil pastel and one chalk pastel, 4″ x 4″, 2002. (I know “geraniums” isn’t spelled with a “j”, I just like it that way for the alliteration.)

chalk pastel painting of pink geraniums in turquoise vase

January Jeraniums 2, chalk pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

I placed the flowers in the turquoise vase I keep in the kitchen, and on the gingham placemat it was all such a lovely combination that I brought out the drawing materials, creating one sketch in chalk pastel and one in oil pastel. I like to keep these little sketches small and quick; they liven my senses for color and design and give me a little break during the workday.

January Jeraniums 1, the oil pastel painting, carries the bolder versions of the color scheme. January Jeraniums 2, the chalk pastel painting, carries the bolder versions of the color scheme. It was interesting for me to see the two variations build themselves through the materials, right under my hands, in a matter of minutes. They are the same subject, but very different.

two framed pastel paintings of pink geraniums

January Jeraniums, set

Find these paintings on Etsy.

January Jeraniums, framed set, $75.00 plus shipping.

January Jeraniums 1, framed original, $45.00 plus shipping.

January Jeraniums 2, framed original, $45.00 plus shipping.

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