Two New Daily Sketches Available on Etsy

painting of two cats

Purple Cats, Red Blanket, ink and watercolor © B.E. Kazmarski

I’ve added two more daily sketches to my Etsy shop. The choices are based on feedback and I got quite a lot last week, so if there’s a sketch you’d like to see in my Etsy shop, please speak up!

Above is Purple Cats, Red Blanket, felt-tip ink technical drawing pen with watercolor washes, signed and dated 1/6/12.

Black cats, like white cats, have all sorts of colors in their fur, and in the day’s filtered sunlight their fur glistened with all sorts of highlights and shadows. The randomly shaped and wrinkled red blanket heightened the range of colors in their fur and even the neutral wood floor held random combinations in its old unfinished grain. Mostly, the composition was what attracted me in the first place: two similar heavy rounded shapes, the random soft shape and the smooth shape brought elements together in a very pleasing way.

This sketch is larger than usual, 12″ wide x 8″ high, and is actually a little more than a sketch as well. I’ve called it a painting because I began with an ink drawing and ended up adding watercolor washes. It’s painted on acid-free textured 90 lb. watercolor paper, matted with 3″ warm tan black core matboard (the color exactly matches one of the warm tans in the floor) and framed in a 1″ matte black 14″ x 18″ wood frame. The backing is acid-free foam core and the glass is premium clear glass. See it here on Etsy.

charcoal sketch of two black cats

Sleeping and Bathing, vine charcoal © B.E. Kazmarski

Sleeping and Bathing

This is Sleeping and Bathing, done in vine charcoal on drawing paper, signed and dated 1/10/12. Mewsette and Jelly Bean demonstrate two of the most important activities in a cat’s life.

I tried a few new/old charcoal techniques here, mainly using a kneaded eraser to remove most of the charcoal in an area—removing all of it is never possible—then sketching on top of that area to add an extra level of dimension. Mewsette’s back, side and forehead were done this way. In addition, I used the kneaded eraser create highlighted fur by shaping the eraser in a thin shape and sketching with it.

This sketch is 8″ wide x 8″ high, paper is not acid-free and may yellow. It is matted with 1-3/4″ acid-free white top mat and 1/4″ acid-free black bottom mat, and framed in a 1″ matte black 12″ x 12″ wood frame. The backing is acid-free foam core and the glass is premium clear glass. See it here on Etsy.

Other sketches available

All the sketches in this post are currently available on Etsy, though you can request any I’ve done by browsing them here in the menu by choosing “Daily Images>Daily Sketches“.

pencil sketch of three cats

Three Cats, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

This was the first in my postings of daily sketches of my cats, done in pencil on drawing paper entitled Three Cats, signed and dated 12/3/11 of Jelly Bean, Mewsette and Giuseppe curled together on the bed. I could picture this one as soon as I saw them, and it was all I could to to sneak soundlessly away so I didn’t wake them to get my drawing pencil and pad.

pencil sketch of abstract cats

Reticulated Kitties

This is called “Reticulated Kitties“, done in pencil on drawing paper, signed and dated 12/1/11 of four of my kitties piled up on my desk while I’m trying to work. On top is Mimi, on the bottom from the left is Jelly Bean, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine.

This is drawn in a style I learned as “reticulation” where the entire drawing is done in one line, sometimes retracing a path to get to another point, using loops to make their toes, for instance, and zig zags to create detail and texture, but never lifting the pencil from the paper until the drawing was done. I was inspired to this by the cats themselves and their seemingly endless flowing selves as they piled on each other, though I did cheat a little and do a light sketch underneath as a basis for my one big line.

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I post my sketches here, and you can also browse them here in the menu by choosing “Daily Images>Daily Sketches“. You can find the ones available for sale by visiting my Etsy shop in Daily Sketches, Cats etc.

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All images used on this site are copyrighted to Bernadette E. Kazmarski unless otherwise noted and may not be used without my written permission. Please ask if you are interested in purchasing one as a print, or to use in a print or internet publication.


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