Library Avenue, ink sketch

ink sketch of library avenue in carnegis pa

Library Avenue, print from an original ink sketch © B.E. Kazmarski

As I’ve watched this brilliant winter sunlight fill the day, the angled light reminds me of this ink sketch of Library Avenue in Carnegie, done about this time of year in 2007.

I carry with me a little pouch of art materials including pencils, gel pens, fountain pens, markers, charcoal and Conte crayons so I’m always ready to capture an image. As a contrast to working in pastel, I love drawing in ink because of the patterns I can make with lines to create shadows and textures, and it’s just right for capturing that beautiful stark winter sunlight on a cloudless day that shines nearly horizontally in early December, highlighting distinct edges and shadows.

This is larger than the usual 5″ x 8″ sketchbook, however, as I had started carrying a larger sketchbook when I was on my bicycle. This one was intended to be done on site, but to be honest the angle of the houses nearly defeated me. I had to start the drawing three times before I finally captured the acute angle and could start working on details. By then the sun had moved so far that shadows were very deep and I’d lost much of the fine detail in the facades of the houses. I had taken photos and ended up finishing it up at home.

“Library Avenue” is a quality digital print of an original ink sketch, image size 12″ x 16″, framed size 18″ x 24″. The print is 12″ wide x 16″ high, matted with a 2.75″ white acid-free top mat and a 1/4″ black bottom mat, framed with a 1″ wide matte black wood frame. The backing is acid-free foam core and the glass is premium clear glass.

I have this in smaller print sizes and as a notecard, but at smaller sizes even the best printing technique fills in the tightly-detailed areas.

You can find this print in my Etsy shop.


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