Little Framed Pen and Ink Cat Prints

cat print in gold frame with violet mats

I Like Your Spots

You can hardly tell where one kitty ends and the other begins in “I Like Your Spots” featuring two black and white kitties cuddling together.

I created these little pen and ink sketches years ago and had them printed into note cards, selling them as sets entitled “Kitties Being Kitties”.

The prints are printed in black ink on cream-colored acid-free felt-finish card stock. I hand-cut oval mats in all different colors for these little prints and have three in stock in my Etsy shop: the purple and violet you see here, another in peach and green mats and yet another with just a single sky blue mat.

The Miss You When You're Gone

The frame on each is the same half-inch composite wood in a distressed soft antique gold finish.

The overall size is 8″ x 9″.

And doesn’t every cat owner recognize the look out the window as the two tabbies await the homecoming in “They Miss You When You’re Gone”? It’s printed from a pencil sketch of two tabby cats waiting at the window. It’s framed in a 5″ x 7″ round profile solid wood white-finish frame with a pink mat I’ve cut to fit the image, and you can also find this in my Etsy shop.

These have turned out to be wonderful gifts for children’s rooms and for small areas that just need a touch of color—and a kitty. Click on over and see if anything matches your decor in my shop on Etsy.


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