A New Feline Art Card, “A Wonderful Gift”

image of portrait greeting card

"A Wonderful Gift" greeting card.

Some of you may remember the progress of this commissioned portrait last fall as I prepared it for my customer to give to a good friend for Christmas.

“Oh, it’s so pretty!” people said as I worked on it, and indeed it was—when I received the image I’d be working with I was thrilled at how lovely the scene was I’d be depicting. As I worked on it, both in and around my studio and as I displayed the progress on The Creative Cat, several people asked if I would also offer it as a greeting card, so I asked my customer to ask her friend if that would be okay.

And it was! That person just had a birthday and received the first dozen printed cards with her kitty’s portrait image as a gift, and now I can offer them to the public.

Here is the story that appears on the back of the card:

This image was a commissioned portrait, a gift from one friend to another, of a dilute calico kitty named Peaches. Here is the beautiful story of Peaches and her amaryllis.

“For a period of several months in her 17th year, Peaches became very withdrawn, she stopped sleeping with her person, and spent most of her time in a guest bedroom. At the time, we thought this was it. Then a friend gave her this flower, and Peaches became fascinated with it, and would check progress every day. As the flower started to bloom, Peaches ended her phase of withdrawing. It will always remind us of the happy time when Peaches became herself again.”

The gift is both the portrait and Peaches’ recovery.

In addition to this portion of the story, you can read about the portrait as I painted it just before Christmas 2010 in three posts on The Creative Cat beginning with “A New Portrait”.

Thank you to both my customer and to Peaches’ person for sharing Peaches!

Where to find the cards

These cards are available in the Marketplace on my website for $2.50 per card or $20.00 per dozen. Visit the Cats page of my Notecards section to see the new card and view the whole selection.

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