His Majesty, the Gray Wolf

matted framed pastel painting of a gray wolf in a snowstorm

His Majesty, the Gray Wolf

Now there’s a look that will put us mere humans in our places. I combined images of wolves and their habitat to do a quick sketch, focusing on the unworried, unhurried expression. Wolves know they are near the food chain, and we don’t really worry them.

I painted it in pastel on acid-free Canson drawing paper in one of the threaded dusky green shades that reminds me so much of leaf litter in the woods. The mat is 2-1/2″ on all sides in slate blue black core to pull the cool tones from the snow, and the frame is solid cherry to pull the warm tones from the wolf.

I painted this in 1994, and it’s been in so many shows and been so admired—and I’ve sold so many smaller prints and notecards and even mugs with this image—that it’s hard to believe the original has never sold. I’d love to find a home for His Majesty in this new year. I’ve reduced the price from $150 to $100 plus $10.00 shipping and handling. You can find this and purchase it in my shop on Etsy: His Majesty, Gray Wolf, Original Pastel.

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