Awakening Block Print, Hand-colored

image of hand-colored block print

"Awakening", block print hand-colored with colored pencil © B. E. Kazmarski

I had the pleasure of hand-coloring one of my favorite block prints which was ordered from my website last week.

I offer the print “Awakening” printed in black on white rice paper, but designed it for a versatility of presentation. The two cats in question were indeed one black and one white, and the yin and yang form they mimic is typically black and white also, but I enjoy the use of pattern as a design element and decided to incorporate several rounds of detail when I designed this. That way, I’d have the versatility of leaving it in black and white or adding color.

Each one is as unique as the print itself because I use different media, styles and color combinations. In this case I used colored pencil. Other times I’ve used watercolor, gouache, marker, even pastel rubbed into the surface of the paper.

Most of the time I’ll use a variety of bright colors, but I’ve also colored them in all earthy tones—brown, tan, red earth, sand—as well as shades of green from the summer woods, light pastels, bright primaries, jewel tones and monochromatic themes, blue or purple, and it looks striking with touches red.

You can read more about this print in an article on this site and you can also find it with my other feline fine art on my website and on in my Portraits of Animals shop on Etsy, though you won’t see any hand-colored versions yet. With this one, I’ve decided to add an image of each new hand-colored print so that people browsing have an idea of what’s possible. It’s available just as a print, matted only, matted and framed and customized with color.

detail of hand-colored block print

Detail of colored area.

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