Gray Pawprint Washcloths

pink and gray crocheted pawprints

Gray pawprints with pink toes!

Judi, the proprietor of my little bricks and mortar shop, rescued a long-haired gray and white kitty from the alley behind the shop. She asked when I was going to make a gray pawprint so she could have one to match Ally. Here is the set, solid gray and gray with pink toes!

gray pawprint with pink toes

Gray with pink toes.

This also coordinates with many breeds of dogs who are gray or who have brindled fur that appears gray, and even with gray bunnies.

gray crocheted pawprint

Crocheted Gray Pawprint

Gray cotton yarn was a real challenge to find easily and affordably, and I’m glad I found about two pounds of this lovely steely gray.

You can find these pawprints in my Etsy shop as a set, and click on the images here to link to each individual pawprint.

I also have them in my shop at Carnegie Antiques.


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