Black and White Pawprints

set of black and white crocheted pawprints

Black and White Crocheted Pawprint Washcloth Set

In honor of Mister Mistoffelees and all the other jellicle cats in the world, I’ve finally crocheted the sets of black and white pawprints!

white pawprint with black toes

White Pawprint with Black Toes

Most black and white cats have white paws, and while white paws on cats usually have pink toes this isn’t always true—some white paws have black toes if the kitty is mostly black! This was one of the things I noticed about Mister Mistoffelees, and I decided right then and there that I’d crochet white pawprints with black toes in his honor.

black paw with white toes

Black Pawprint with White Toes

But no kitties have white toes…but why not on a crocheted washcloth?! I’ve always simply loved black and white together, so this would be a natural combination and most of these pawprints are just for fun.

black pawprint

Black Pawprint

And, of course, my homage to all the black kitties I’ve loved, including the Big Four! A soft solid black pawprint, ready for shower, decoration, or gift. You’d have thought I’d do this one first!

You can find these pawprints in my Etsy shop as a set, and click on the images here to link to each individual pawprint.

I also have them in my shop at Carnegie Antiques.


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