An Update on My Shop

shop left corner

Colorful gift bags take center stage.

I just added the new merchandise I’ve been creating to my shop. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to fit the tote bags and gift bags into the small space, but with a little ingenuity they fit right in.

Finding simple and inexpensive ways to display items is always fun, and often I can make use of something I’ve had around the house but had no idea what to do with like the bent-up brass toilet paper holder that easily holds a dozen gift bags, or something very common that was easily repurposed, such as the multiple-item hangers that worked so well for the tote bags (with the addition of some good old-fashioned drapery hooks—no display would be complete without them!).


Gift bags, pawprints, tote bags and block prints.

Seeing everything up and on display inspires me to do more, and I’m planning some new merchandise to add for fall, but during this slower time in mid summer I’ll also be working on new portraits, which I do at home. It’s actually a pleasure at the shop to sit and crochet new pawprints and flower washcloths!

To read more about my shop, visit The Creative Cat for the introduction or search “shop” on this site to read articles about what’s in the shop.

You can also visit my virtual shop on Etsy, which contains all the handmade things in the shop.


One response to “An Update on My Shop

  • Marg

    Your shop is looking terrific. Like I said once before, I sure am glad I don’t live close to you because I would be in there buying a lot. I know I can buy it online, but it is different when you can see it for real.
    Hope it is a huge success for you.
    Have a great day.

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