Crocheted Washcloths are a Hit on Etsy!

Crocheted washcloth collection

The Garden Collection of crocheted washcloths.

Two of my flower-themed crochet washcloths are featured in collections on Etsy:

Thanks to both of you!

Inspired by the flowers in my garden as they bloom from spring through autumn, I designed these crocheted washcloths to brighten up your bath or kitchen.

As I watched my roses bloom I envisioned how I would interpret the furled petals swirling out from the center in a crochet pattern, deciding to make it as a cotton washcloth. Then my daisies bloomed and as I worked out that pattern the idea was born for a set of washcloths of all my favorite flowers!

The full set consists of a rose, daisy, sunflower, red poppy and aster. See the full set and the individual cloths on Etsy.

I wanted the patterns to be relatively simple, both easy to make and easy to enjoy, no more than two colors, and in simple stitches that would be practical for their intended use, easy to handle and drying relatively quickly. They can also be used as hot plates, doilies or just for decoration!

Each cloth is between 8″ and 10″ in diameter and is made of yarn-dyed cotton. I’m selling them as a set of five and also individually and in sets of two and three of each pattern.

I’m so pleased with my latest offerings, the tote bags, gift bags and crocheted washcloths. Along with my block prints and small framed prints they really represent more of what I create.

If items are offered as sets, such as the crocheted pawprint or flower washcloths, or the gift bags, I can fill a custom set if you contact me and describe what you’d like.

One response to “Crocheted Washcloths are a Hit on Etsy!

  • Marg

    Those wash cloths are so nice. What a great way to brighten up your bathroom or kitchen. I really like them a lot. Great stuff. Glad to hear they are a success on Etsy.
    Have a wonderful day.

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