Kelly’s Morning Bath 2

Kelly's morning bath 2

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, linocut © B.E. Kazmarski

Yesterday I featured Kelly’s Morning Bath 1, printed on green leafy paper with a green parchment mat and mentioned that I had actually cut this design twice and couldn’t decide which I liked better. Today I feature Kelly’s Morning Bath 2, above. If you compare the two you’ll see that this design has a decorative border around each vignette of Kelly bathing. I still can’t decide which I like better, so I still print both.

This variation, however, I print as individual images in addition to the three panel layout. Each individual panel makes a nice little card or print on its own, even imprinted on a garment or cloth item for housewares.

Kelly's Morning Bath 2

Detail of print so you can see the composition and the paper.

Kelly gives herself a complete bath every morning after breakfast on the table in front of the window in my studio, her every move full of purpose and industry.

kelly's morning bath 2 left panel

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, left panel detail.

This print captures a sunny spring morning when the leaves are new, as this window in my house faces my lilac and a number of trees which filter the sun, speckling the table with splashes of sun and shadow.

It is printed on handmade rag paper embedded with bits of cloth and recycled paper in various shades of pale orange, matted with a natural white black core mat, framed with clear glass in a plain matte-finish black frame.

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, center panel detail.

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, center panel detail.

The image size is 5″ x 10″, the frame size is 10″ x 20″.

Block printing is a technique wherein the artist carves the surface of a piece of linoleum, leaving raised areas which will become the image. Ink is rolled onto these raised areas, then a piece of paper is pressed against the block and when it’s lifted away the ink remains, leaving the image on the paper. Because of this process, each print is slightly different and therefore unique.

I usually print a series of six prints, preparing my papers ahead of time, then offering them matted and framed, matted only, print only, hand-tinted and sometimes incorporated into another type of work.

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, right panel detail.

Kelly's Morning Bath 2, right panel detail.

I carved and printed this one according to my first idea, then decided I might like each scene to have a border and a little more detail, so you’ll also find Kelly’s Morning Bath 2. In addition to this matted print, they are available as a print alone or matted with no frame. In addition to the printing them as wall art, I also print them on other items such as curtains, placemats, tablecloths and other household items.

You can find this set of prints in my Etsy shop, or if you are local to me I actually have these on display in my shop in Carnegie, in the back room at Carnegie Antiques, 423 West Main Street.

orange paper detail

This is what the paper actually looks like.

2 responses to “Kelly’s Morning Bath 2

  • marg

    Those are really neat and look great. That sounds like a fun thing to do but does it take a long time??? Do you have some kind of drawing to start with on the linoleum??? Looks very interesting.

  • animalartist

    Thanks, Marg! Yes it does take time, though I try to get whole sections done all at once so that my cutting style and texture remain consistent. For the bigger ones, like this, I do several drawings to make sure I have the dark and light areas where I want them because once it’s cut, there’s no going back! I also have to remember to set up my sketch in reverse because printing produces a mirror image–in “The Goddess”, Cookie was intended to be facing the opposite direction, not that it really matters, but it still looks a little odd to me when I look at it ten years later!

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