Those Crocheted Pawprints in Bright Colors

crocheted pawprint washcloths

The bright set.

Back to those crocheted pawprint washcloths, I decided to go way off the spectrum of kitty colors this time and use some colors that my eyes just love to look at–Apple Green, Snow White and Ocean Blue.

And although they are soft and absorbent, and I crocheted them so they’d dry quickly in your bathroom, you don’t have to use them as washcloths. I tried them out as dishcloths in the kitchen, hotpads on the table for small casseroles or even a small mat or coaster for a plate or mug. Heck, they even make cute doilies on a tabletop!

I’ve been working with a pawprint motif for a couple of years now, working out the pattern myself. The scarves, hats and neck wraps are a little time-consuming, but I’ve been wanting to offer something simple in this pawprint pattern.

Viola! a simple washcloth! I’ve just worked out three color schemes right now, solids and pink toes, but I’ve got plenty of different cotton yarns and lots of ideas for interesting color patterns.

Each cloth is 6″ in diameter side to side, 7.5″ top to bottom, and is made of yarn-dyed cotton.

You can find this item in my shop on Etsy, where you can find the other pawprint washcloths currently for sale as well.

You can also read about them and see other colors here in my marketplace.


7 responses to “Those Crocheted Pawprints in Bright Colors

  • kitty literate

    Can you send me this photo so I can put it on my blog with a link…please….???

  • animalartist

    They’re cute, huh? Love my scrap yarn stash! I think you should be able to right-click and save it to your computer. Let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

  • dejo90

    I love this dishcloth. I would like to use it as a motif on an afghan and i think the size is just right. do you by chance have the pattern for sale on your etsy? I didnt see it but thought maybe i missed it or you currently dont have it up. Cant find anything else like it either.
    Thanks for any help.

    • animalartist

      Thanks for the compliment! You’re right, I don’t have the pattern up anywhere yet, and I think it will be a while before I do for two reasons. First, I’ll have some other items including winter apparel using the pawprint, so I’ll be releasing new items later this summer and again in September, some of which will be donated to auctions for animal shelter benefits. Second, I’m selling to some stores locally and will be appealing to other shops and want to ensure them that I own the pattern and at the moment no one else has it. I was going to wait until after the holidays this year to publish it so that I could establish it. Then what I was planning was to sell it for a minimal fee, which would be donated to my local Humane Society or one of the rescue organizations I work with. I also have other patterns I haven’t shown yet, a cat silhouette and then a series of a half dozen different flowers. I know this probably doesn’t help your plans. I’m so sorry! If I wasn’t having some success at least locally with it, I’d hand it over in a heartbeat, or if you’re willing to wait until after the holidays I’ll send it to you for free just for your interest. ~Bernadette

      • Joy

        I understand completely. Goodluck with your endeavor and I will look forward to seeing your creation in the future somewhere!

      • animalartist

        Thank you so much–I’m glad you understand! And good luck with your throw. I can tell you that if you look closely at the pawprint, the pattern is not too difficult to figure out, and if you pick it up that way, I’m fine…but if you do, I’d love to see your work!

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