“My Home Town” Note Cards

image of note card

Pear Trees on Main Street

I’ve reprinted this set of one dozen different images from my entries in our annual exhibit, “Carnegie Painted”. This time they are 4.25″ x 5.5″ instead of 4″ x 6″—I was spending more time finding four different sizes of envelope and greeting card boxes and other packaging, so I decided to print these in a size for which envelopes and packaging are easily found.

image of note card

Library Avenue

I’ve been working with images of Carnegie, Pennsylvania since I moved back here after graduating college. I might seem to prefer the personalities of animals and the moods of nature, but I also love the look of a street lined with houses and trees, quaint old storefronts or someone’s laundry hanging in the back yard. The 3rd Street Gallery began hosting “Carnegie Painted” in the year 2000, encouraging artists to paint images of the town and exhibit them all together, and these images are some of my entries in that show.

Find the My Home Town note cards gallery in the Marketplace on my website to see the images of all the cards and to order. You can read the story of each image in my main gallery at My Home Town.

You can also find prints of this artwork on the My Home Town Originals and Prints page.

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