And Something Completely Different—Crocheted Pawprint Washcloths

The crocheted pawprint washcloths were very popular in my shop for my weekend sale, and I’ve also added them to my Etsy shop!

crocheted pawprint washcloth

White Pawprint Washcloth

I’m usually creating “art” and creating merchandise from it. Well, I started out life doing every craft there was available and I still enjoy many of those crafts and the traditional skills I’ve learned over the years.

I crochet all sorts of small things to wear and for my own use around the house and to give as gifts. I decided I’d add a few crocheted items to my little shop and even to Etsy.

crocheted pawprint washcloth

White Paw with Pink Toes Washcloth

I’ve been working with a pawprint motif for a couple of years now, working out the pattern myself. The scarves, hats and neck wraps are a little time-consuming, but I’ve been wanting to offer something simple in this pawprint pattern.

Viola! a simple washcloth! I’ve just worked out three color schemes right now, solids and pink toes, but I’ve got plenty of different cotton yarns and lots of ideas for interesting color patterns.

crocheted pawprint washcloth

Black Pawprint with Pink Toes Washcloth

Each cloth is 6″ in diameter side to side, 7.5″ top to bottom, and is made of yarn-dyed cotton.

For now, these three are the ones I have ready for this weekend. After this weekend I’ll be making more, and also developing the next natural progression in this theme—bath mitts!

I test all the things I make before I give as a gift or sell them, and right now I’m trying out the next pawprint item: a small pawprint pet food can scrubber made of synthetic yarn because it has more texture to scrub off those dried bits of food. I’ll post those when they are ready to go.


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