Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

photo of a cat looking out a window

Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

In honor of spring and the fervent bloom of the forget-me-nots in my yard, I am featuring this photo of my Sophie in my Marketplace.

Sophie always watched me leave the house, but she also like to play around with the curtain—often I had to inspect the lace to see her white fur through the mesh, but she was always there.

On this day, in the late afternoon, the warm spring sun angled into the window imparting a creamy tone to the lace, and the forget-me-nots I’d planted in pots in the windowbox were in full flower. I had closed the curtains because I’d be gone after dark, but Sophie managed to find an open spot to peer through at me.

It’s one of my favorite memories of Sophie, and one of the favorite photos in my collection. I recently wrote a blog article on The Creative Cat entitled “Just Take the Picture Already” advising people to take as many photos of their pets as possible and sort through them later. This photo was one of the inspirations for that article—I really didn’t want to stop and take out my camera and focus and hope the light was right and so on…but I did, and I’m so glad I took the time. I have a treasured memory that I can enjoy myself and share with others.

This photo is available as a 5″ x 7″ greeting card and as a matted and framed photo in two sizes. Please visit my Etsy store for more details!

4 responses to “Sophie Keeps an Eye on Things

  • Marg

    That really is a great photo. Good for you Sophie for keeping your eye on Mom. Gotta watch where she goes to make sure she comes back
    I have started carrying my camera with me whenever I go outside. Every time I don’t, some darn kitty does something cute. Most of the time though, by the time I get the camera turned on and ready, the moment is gone, but you can get a lot of good pictures.
    Have a great day.

    • animalartist

      Marg, my big frustration with the smaller digital cameras is their autofocus mode–by the time the camera comes on and then focuses, the cat has moved on to other endeavors! I run down a lot of batteries, but sometimes I force mine to stay on if I think something may happen. You’ve gotten some really nice shots, though, especially the crossed tails!

  • Renee Austin

    This is absolutely beautiful, Bernadette. Every time I see one of your pieces, I think it’s my favorite…and then another one comes up. I’m learning to keep my camera with me wherever I go. Instead of waiting until I get a really nice camera, and instead of constantly framing things in my head, I’m going to just take that shot. ~R

    • animalartist

      Renee, thanks! I always blame it on my inspirational kitties. Without them, who knows what I’d be doing now?! But keep that camera at the ready–I took this photo of Sophie with my very first digital–get this–a 2 megapixel camera that didn’t even have a zoom! I cropped this image out of the center of the photo I took over my shoulder as I was leaving. Don’t worry about the camera, just catch the moment, then you can go back and frame the shot. It will all come together. Eva should be as much of a star as Peaches!

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