“Kitties Being Kitties” Note Cards

kitties being kitties notecards logo

ink drawing of black and white cat


Sometimes the simplicity of a single color line or tone on a beautiful paper stock tells the story more expressively than a full-color, scenic rendering.

The expressions, coat patterns and close-cropped scenes of cats just being the individuals they are inspired me to create these little cameos. Of all the cats I’ve lived with over the years, I’ve only briefly fostered a black and white cat, so even long ago these spotted faces were fun to discover!

ink drawing of black and white cat in grass

Big Game Hunter

I did these drawings years ago in response to a request to design some notecards that could be used for professional correspondence by animal professionals.

In those days, before color printing technology became easily affordable, line art printed in one color was the way to go for an inexpensive, versatile note card, and I had always admired cards that were printed on natural paper with a mild texture that resembled watercolor paper.

ink drawing of two black and white cats

I Like Your Spots

That project never finalized, but I had the line drawings just waiting for something, so I decided to print them for myself.

Three are pen and ink, one is done in pencil on a textured drawing paper called coquille board which has a surface textured with raised fine-speckled grain although the surface is pure white.

pencil drawing of two tabby cats

They Miss You When You’re Gone

These drawings are printed in black on natural recyclable cotton 80 lb. cover stock and are blank inside. Cards are 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″ with matching envelopes, $12.00 for a box of one dozen.

They are available:

  • in packs of 12 with three cards in each of the four images
  • in packs of 12 cards in one design

Packs or boxes of different combinations are available on request. Visit my Marketplace to order.


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